Globeistan – ESC_Niouze (Lyrics)

Truth is like any other information when i think about it i can see within myself the changes that are about to take place on the scale of the planet volcanoes sinkholes outgassings unzipping of continents the earth contrary to ordinary belief is just like the meteorite P67 of the Rosetta claim to fame turning out to be somewhat hollow containing perfectly isolated immense spaces inside rivers and even oceans are possible easily up to 3000 miles deep under our feet past civilisations have systematically dug underground bases then eventually cities and the last big group that is historically spoken for are germans in 1944 went undeground via the Antarctic by a contact made through the Thulles society with the people of the 3rd eye said to be thirty million then which is how they describe their psychich abilities when pressed by surface types for an explanation and they were interested in creating the perfect soldier of the SS for future projects on the surface pertaining to absolute controle when the planet undergoes the suddent coming turmoil that is also a turning point and a giant step in the creation process a second earth will be born those ready will blend into it those not will stay behind and begin a new cycle of incarnation as a speaking animal here think about that for a moment then let it vanish and it’s gone Everyday i need to pinch myself in order to be reminded of all the signs that have been given to the revelations that have prepared us each individually without fear for the most unbelievable adventure never even imagined until now everyday i need to pinch myself and remeber how it was shown in no uncertain terms 30 years ago by such smart and enlightened individuals that i used to attract like a magnet how there are no real countries not anymore since corporations installed the united nations and as we can easily see today the same old nearly mummifyed agents of the matrix slip out and into positions of power as needed to swing the votes and rob the hopes sell more dope by controling everything from under the surface offers so many possibilities just stop what youre doing and think about it ok enough then let it slip and its gone now you should pinch yourself for what i am about to tell you now there are millions of individuals some like you and me some of the robotoid variety and i also believe of the bio-cybernetic ongoing fabrication process and many possibilities of projections from a dimension near you in and out of your reality most of us have met or are aquainted to these cyborg or maybe even are one wow! of course these are military projects by nature that demonstrate how it is a total war on the public from the food source to the health fraud and the rest of the mind controle mecanisms and routines being forced upon us for whi knows what obscure purpose When faced with the wall of lies everyday i need to repivot for the love of each human that bit the dust that slipped a rope during the last crossing the night before the light is always impossible for some more than others i pinch myself and remember that that there are the actors implementing the script and we the spectators sit dumbfounded at the depth of the charge and such a short fuse all realities are perpendicular realities as such each individual to the point of perception the reading unit and their receivership capabilities and as i pinch myself i remember the past civilisations having gone underground probably for the past many hundreds of thousands of years some of which are probably dabbling as we speak of it of the tweaking the adjustments they have made for our replacement bodies some of which are i would think underground while a great many could easily be on a planet not so far away sleeping by the millions or a billion suspended in time by a trick of technology at the twist of a knob We are about to see the set decorators change the set probably even the parameters of the soundstage itself who knows what happens when the planet opens up and volcanoes bleed it will come out into the open the fact that wars are a means of hiding from the greater public a war that is taking place in space and in hyperreality if you like this has a huge weight on the events on the surface of the planet and the fact that it is becoming harder to hide the fact that 10 percent of world population more dispappears every year now and the powerful know damn well what these creatures our keepers owners creators of our bodies call them as you wish use them for it is the soul that counts not the bodies and they sap up our energies as a group from wherever they are until we expire and then lets say they have several options


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